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Downloadable writing prompt pages from Write-Brain Workbook Revised & Expanded, Take Ten for Writers, and 303 Writing Prompts.

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Bonnie Neubauer is the creator of the handheld and online Story Spinner which generates millions of creative writing exercises. She is also the author of creative writing books: The Write-Brain Workbook Revised and Expanded , 400 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing (Writer's Digest Books), Take Ten for Writers, 1000 Inspiring Exercises to Generate Ideas and Stimulate Your Writing in Only Ten Minutes a Day (Writer's Digest Books), and 303 Writing Prompts: Ideas To Get You Started (Sterling Publishing). Bonnie also designs boardgames such as ADJitation (Breaking Games), Shake Yer Booty, Gimme An E, and kangaROOlette. And to top it all off, she runs fun, funny and motivational creative writing workshops and board game demos or events - designed to be approachable for writers and/or gamers of all ages and levels.

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