Write-Brain Workbook Revised & Expanded: 400 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing (2015 Writer's Digest Books)

The Write-Brain Workbook Revised & Expanded, 400 Exercises To Liberate Your Writing is a write-in-the-book workbook bursting with fun and innovative creative writing exercises that resemble word games. The exercises are pure edutainment, designed to benefit all levels and ages of writers:

Novices who have always wanted to write
Experienced technical writers looking to try their hand at creative writing
And, especially,writers experiencing writer's block.



As you can see from these sample pages, the book's collage-like presentation is very inviting and makes you feel like you are playing rather than practicing:

* * * * **

With The Write-Brain Workbook you'll never face a blank page, nor will you spend time reading about writing; instead, you'll jump right in and immediately put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, if you must), filling one page a day. By year's end you will have built momentum, learned about your own unique writing process, and completed 366 pages … all under the guise of playing with words.

All you need is a pen and you're on your way to some of the most creative writing that will ever come out of your brain, into your hand, and onto the paper.

At the bottom of each exercise is an opportunity for you to Take the Next Step. These quick challenges will inspire you to apply breakthroughs from your daily page to your "real" writing, expand how you see yourself as a writer, experiment with different ways to approach writing, affirm your commitment to your craft, and learn about your own process.

Here are 6 FREE downloadable sample pages from the Write-Brain Workbook so you can try before you buy, and start writing NOW:

Terrible Twos States of Mind Muse-ings State Fair Building Blocks My Condiments To The Chef

Click here for some basic rules to keep in mind while you are doing creative writing exercises (or to rebel against if that's more to your liking). And click here if you need some clarification of WHY it's a good idea to do writing exercises.

Want more exercises? Buy your very own copy of The Write-Brain Workbook today by visiting your favorite bookseller. There are 360 more exercises waiting for you!

Click if you'd like an autographed copy of Write-Brain Workbook to give to your favorite creative person (you, perhaps?).

The Write Brain Workbook is published by the world's greatest publisher of books for writers, Writer's Digest/F+W Media. They also published my colorful, and equally as motivating, follow-up book, Take Ten for Writers.

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